Welcome to the beta for the Don’t Move Blindfold Trainer! 

The Blindfold Trainer currently works best on Chrome on Desktop. Ensure sound is allowed in your browser for it to work properly.

Note: Audio may not work on iOS devices (fix coming soon).

Want to go deeper?

Visualization is the most underrated skill in all of Chess. When we learn to hold a board clearly in our heads, the impacts on the rest of our game are astounding.

To take charge of your visualization training, the best place to start is the Master Skill Series

This course will give you the tools, tactics, and (most importantly) insights to start to master visualization and reap the rewards.

This mini-course takes the form of five emails, delivered one-per-day for the next five days.

To get you started, the first email will orient you with what to expect as you move through the series.

After that, I’ll share with you the key insights and exercises that will let you see results in your Chess immediately.

I suggest you reread the series many times.

There’s a lot in there to unpack. Each time you read it, your understanding will go a little deeper.


All I ask in return is your attention.

I believe that my business will grow when I help you grow first.

The next step is yours.

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