Visualization Coaching

One-on-One Chess Visualization Training

Work directly with Aiden for real results

Hi, it’s Aiden.

The Don’t Move Coaching program is your opportunity for focused, one-on-one time with me to massively improve your visualization skills.

The program is flexible and highly-personalized to your individual goals and needs. Core topics include:

  • building, strengthening, and understanding your own unique visualization model to enable rapid growth
  • creating a visualization training regimen to support your goals and other study
  • diagnosis and resolution of weaknesses and issues in your visualization to avoid blunders and mistakes in games
  • learning the underlying brain science and psychology behind visualization
  • working towards full games of blindfold Chess!

The sessions will inform, inspire, and challenge you. And they won’t be easy, but they will be fun.

It’s my goal to ensure you have the tools, insights, guidance, and accountability you need to reach your visualization goals- whatever they may be.

One of my students, Gregor, sent this email after our session:

An important note, I am not a standard Chess coach.

If you’re looking for someone to help you learn an opening, or drill your tactics, or analyze your games- I’m not that guy.

There are thousands and thousands of people more qualified than me to coach you there. I can even point you to a few if you’d like.

But if you want someone specialized to guide you through mastering the critical skill of Chess visualization, I’m your guy.

I offer a first hour at a discounted rate of $50 USD. I use this session to check if we feel a match, to get a sense of your goals, and to offer some immediate value.

After that, coaching is $100 USD per hour.

If you have any questions, please reach out!

Note: I’m based in Melbourne, Australia, so timezones can be tricky. If you can’t find any times that work for you, reach out and we’ll organize something that does.



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