Master Skill
Foundational Series

"I have to tell you that I can follow games clearly up to move 15, sometimes even 16 or 17 moves deep! Thank you so much for making it possible for me! 🙂 "

"I've bought 40 opening, middlegame, and endgame courses, and nothing has given me the depth of understanding you have."

"We absolutely love your writing Aiden. I am going back through the entire series and reading and finding the things I missed the first time through. Your emails have become required reading here in the house. Please don’t stop"

Hey, it’s Aiden.

Welcome to the Master Skill Series. The insights, practices, and approach of this series form the foundation of everything I do at Don’t Move.

I want to share this series with you to supercharge your Chess skills and rocket you forward on your Chess journey.

"The best players in the world don’t stop their calculations in a line because they get foggy or they can’t see it. Learning visualization will help you take leaps and bounds that most people never do."

Visualization is the MASTER SKILL of Chess.

When you can visualize well, EVERYTHING becomes easier.

This course will give you the tools, tactics, and (most importantly) insights to start to master visualization and reap the rewards.

This mini-course takes the form of five emails, delivered one-per-day for the next five days.

To get you started, the first email will orient you with what to expect as you move through the series.

After that, I’ll share with you the key insights and exercises that will let you see results in your Chess immediately.

I suggest you reread the series many times.

There’s a lot in there to unpack. Each time you read it, your understanding will go a little deeper.


All I ask in return is your attention.

I believe that my business will grow when I help you grow first.

The next step is yours.

If you want to come on this five-day journey with me, enter your best email address below.


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My ethos is based on value-first. You will NEVER be coerced to buy anything.

Here’s to the journey.



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